PLASTER BOND can be used as a binding and waterproofing system if used with Portland cement and sand or gypsum based skimming plaster.

PLASTER BOND is a plaster/ cement or concrete additive that makes plaster/ cement or concrete mixtures 8 times stronger and harder than when just mixing with water.

Greatly improves adhesion of plaster/ cement or concrete mixtures.

PLASTER BOND is a specially formulated product for addition to Portland cement, plaster, cement and concrete mixtures, gypsum based skimming plaster and rhinolite applications.

PLASTER BOND is designed for plastering on almost any surface i.e. tiles, glass, cork, steel, smooth concrete, etc.


  • By using Fast Plaster Bond the strength of the cement or plaster mixture is increased up to 8 times compared to just using water.
  • Fast Plaster Bond greatly improves the adhesion of your mixture on difficult areas, such as glass tiles, door frames, etc.
  • Fast Plaster Bond waterproofs all cement and plaster mixtures.