Painting Instructions

HB1000 is a low odour premium quality exterior paint witha silky sheen finish that is highly washable with excellent dirt and stain resistant properties. This is the ultimate in home protection and decor.

Our unique Dirt Barrier Technology ensures maximum stain and dirt resistance.

HB1000 with unique Nano Tech formulation gives you the best of both worlds. Superior adhesion, with exceptional weathering and durability.

HB1000 is a pure acrylic with UV protectors to ensure you enjoy extremely long lasting colour stability with that “new house” look.


  • Pure Acrylic protective coating that is easy to clean and fully washable
  • Mould and Fungi resistant.
  • Water resistant.
  • Stain and Dirt resistant.
  • Lead free.
  • Low odour and Low VOC.
  • Non-Yellowing and UV Resistant.
  • Water-based (easy application and clean up)
  • Colour fast