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ROOFMASTER with its unique Nano Tech Formulation gives you the best of both worlds. Superior adhesion, exceptional weathering and durability.

ROOFMASTER is a pure acrylic with UV protectors to ensure you enjoy extremely long lasting colour stability and that “new roof” look.

ROOFMASTER is formulated for South African conditions where the UV and acid rain levels are higher.  Roof coatings need to be acid resistant and UV resistant to give maxium durability, protection and value.

ROOFMASTER with its Cool Roof Technology increases your comfort whilst saving you money.

  • Reduces your roof surface temperature by approximately 10 degrees C.
  • Reduces inside home temperature up to 8 degrees Celsius.
  • Has a minimum Total Solar Reflection of 30.
  • Thermal emmitance <1.
  • Reduces the need for cooling, contributing to power and cost savings.

ROOFMASTER’s Thermal Technology keeps your home cool in summer and warm in winter.


Hard wearing.

High build.

Pure Acrylic.

UV resistant.

Acid rain resistant.

Colour fast.

Thermal technology.

Weather resistant.

Superior adhesion and flexibility.