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Stevensons is a comprehensive range of quality coating products. We are proud to offer the best in green products which are safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and sustainable. All of this comes with great service, satisfaction and affordable pricing.

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Stevensons Architect Range

The ARCHITECT range is Stevensons flagship brand and embodies our expertise and values. It is an ultra, premium quality range that outperforms other premium brands in the market with regards to strength, durability and quality. ARCHITECT topcoats boast a wide variety of colours and can be tinted into over 1500 colours. It is the preferred choice of architects and interior decorators as it provides a unique decorative finish to the discerning eye.

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Stevensons Franklin Hunt Range

The DURA range competes well with other premium brands in the market. It is a cost effective, premium quality, decorative range and combines durability and performance.

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Stevensons Professional Range

The PROFESSIONAL range is the preferred choice of contractors.

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Stevensons Tradesman Range

The TRADESMAN range consists of good quality, affordable products. You can expect great value for money when using these durable products.

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Stevensons Industrial Range

The INDUSTRIAL range consists of good quality and durable light industrial coatings which includes road marking paints, floor coatings, enamel paints, QD’s, etc for industrial use.

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The CREST range consists of affordable, good quality undercoats and topcoats.

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METALRITE range consist premium quality, top of the range metal coatings for use on …

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The SEALTITE range is synonymous with premium quality waterproofing systems and boasts a selection of the highest quality waterproofing products.

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The ORIGINS range is a premium quality, textured, contemporary, natural coating that offers excellent weathering and UV resistance. It is made from a high solid formula with excellent flexibility (covers hairline cracks) and adhesion.

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The DURAWOOD range is a premium selection of wood coatings and preservatives ideal for use on wood decks, floors and windows.

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The FAST range is made up of a wide variety of solvents and sundries and is your ultimate solution to everyday DIY problems. The range consists of waterproofing, polyfillers, topcoats, paint strippers, cleaners, etc.

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