Standard Colours

Stevensons Colours

Warm and inviting or cool and serene, modern statement walls or intriguing floors. These paints are highly durable, UV resistant, untinted colours that are versatile enough to be used in any space. Find the colour you’re looking for in the paint best suited to your project.

Topgard - Franklin Hunt

Franklin Hunt TopGard is a good quality acrylic roof paint with a satin finish, that provides good protection to all types of roofs.

Fire Bush - TG1
Spanish Clay - TG2
Pebble - TG9
Heritage Green TG10
Canyon - TG3
Red Rock - TG4
Deco Crete - TG11
Green - TG12
Poineer - TG5
Cobble Tan - TG6
Stone Grey - TG13
Fashion Grey - TG14
Terra Cotta - TG7
Spanish Sand - TG8
Black - TG16
Malaga - TG15

Turgo - Franklin Hunt

Franklin Hunt Turgo is a good quality high-build textured finish acrylic wall paint for exterior use.

Lava Rock - TT1
Canyon Rock - TT2
Grey Stone - TT9
Stone - TT10
Boluder - TT3
Deco Crete - TT4
Pebble Beach - TT11
Arabian Clay - TT12
Clay Stone - TT5
Namib Valley - TT6
Dune - TT13
Karoo Dust - TT14
Kalahari Plain - TT7
Soft Molucca - TT8
Malaga - TG15
Morrocan Gold - TT16

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