Stevensons Colours

Stevensons Colours

Warm and inviting or cool and serene, modern statement walls or intriguing floors. These paints are highly durable, UV resistant, untinted colours that are versatile enough to be used in any space. Find the colour you’re looking for in the paint best suited to your project.

QD Enamel - Stevensons

STEVENSONS QD ENAMEL is superior-quality quick drying enamel paint for interior and exterior that is extremely durable. Ideal for high volume applications on palisade fencing, garden furniture, carports, gates or metal ornaments.

Caterpillar Yellow - SQ1
Golden Yellow - SQ2
Fiat Orange - SQ3
Signal Red - SQ4
Windsor Green - SQ5
Lister Green - SQ6
Dark Admirality Grey - SQ7
Battleship Grey - SQ8
Ford Tractor Blue - SQ9
Mercedes Cream - SQ11
Golden Brown - SQ12
Post Office Red - SQ13
PWD Brown - SQ14
Historical Green - SQ15
Silver - SQ16
Mines Grey - SQ17
Light Grey - SQ18
Matt Black - SQ19
White - SQ20

DuraChem Epoxy - Stevensons

STEVENSONS DURACHEM EPOXY is abrasion resistant high performance floor paint for use in factories, warehouses, workshops, schools, laboratories, garages and hospitals, which require frequent cleaning with solvents, detergents or alkaline cleaners.

It can be applied on most surfaces including cement, concrete, metal and tiles. It provides high gloss and resistance to all forms of corrosion resulting from chemicals, solvents, fats and oils.

Light Grey
Dark Grey
Stone Henge

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