Standard Colours

Stevensons Colours

Warm and inviting or cool and serene, modern statement walls or intriguing floors. These paints are highly durable, UV resistant, untinted colours that are versatile enough to be used in any space. Find the colour you’re looking for in the paint best suited to your project.

Magmar - Sealtite

SealTite Magmar is a premium quality ultra durable, pure acrylic water resistant topcoat that forms an extremely durable and highly flexible roof coating.​ ​It is UV resistant and weather resistant.

Solves any decorative, protective and waterproofing problem with one product. For use on flat concrete roofs, tiled roofs, galvanised iron roofs and cromadek roofs. Also for decorative and waterproofing protection of areas such as roof ridges, parapets, skylights, flashings, joints, gaps and roof screws, gutters, flat concrete roofs, concrete slabs and tiles.

Black - SM2
Pebble Grey - SM4
Green - SM6
Cobble Stone - SM8
Venetian Red - SM10
White - SM1
Grey - SM3
New Concrete - SM5
Terracotta - SM7
Bark - SM9

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