FAST WALLSKIM TROWEL-ON is a flexible ready for use high build skimming/plastering compound to fill cracks and other irregularities to give a smooth professional – plastered finish to walls and other substrates. FAST WALLSKIM requires no mixing with water, it is ready for use. It requires no priming with bonding liquid. Ready to use for trowel application.

1. Remove protruding cement spatter using a scraper or sandpaper.
2. Ensure that the surface is in a dry and sound condition – free from dust or any loose particles.
3. On powdery, unsound surfaces – apply bonding liquid.
4. Previously painted surfaces must.


Mixing: Stir thoroughly with a flat paddle
Method: Steel trowel
Cleaning: Water
Drying time: 12 Hours
Topcoat: Allow to dry 12 hours before painting with water-based paints. Allow to dry 48 hours before painting with solvent based enamel paints.

1. Apply WALLSKIM with a steel trowel. Use a light brushing or sweeping motion to remove excess product.
2. WALLSKIM is normally applied with a spreading rate of 0,5-1,5kg/m² depending on substrate conditions. Apply in layer thickness of approximately 1mm.
3. Allow to dry 2-3 hours. Sand lightly with a light to medium grade sandpaper and wipe off dust properly.
4. Apply a second coat if necessary. WALLSKIM can be floated or polished with a trowel.
5. After final coat application allow WALLSKIM to dry until it starts to firm up and set (product will lighten in colour), sprinkle or flick water onto surface with a brush and float or polish in a light circular motion.
6. Allow to dry 12 hours (overnight) before painting with a water-based paint.
7. Allow to dry 48 hours before painting with a solvent based enamel paint.