Efflorescence paint is crystalline (powdery) deposits, usually white in colour that is sometimes formed on the surface of brickwork, plasterwork, and other concrete type structures. It is the appearance of salt-like deposits commonly observed on masonry walls.


  • Product: of Fast WR-30 Water Repeller, Fast Dampcure DPC

Possible Cause

Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit of salts often seen on the surface of concrete, brick, stucco or natural stone surfaces. It occurs when water leaves behind salt deposits and is present on or in the masonry surface. Surfaces with efflorescence will cause the paint not to adhere correctly to the surface and will cause premature peeling.



Trace and remove the source of moisture ingress, remove the “salts” by washing with copious amounts of water.

Leave for two to three weeks to dry. If efflorescence returns repeat the washing / waiting procedure until no more salts are evident then remove all flaking paint and powder.

Surface must be dry and in sound condition before starting to paint.

Apply two to three coats of Fast WR-30 Water Repeller or Fast Dampcure DPC on bare substrate.


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