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Fast Brick Cleaner

Short description

Intended Uses

Cleans excess mortar from brickwork, stone, slates, quarry tiles, and building equipment. It removes stains from glass mosaics, tiles in pools, etc. It is also very effective in removing rust marks and earth stains. Removes lime wash. Cleans asbestos cement surfaces.


  • Type: Preparation, Stripper & Cleaner
  • Ranges: Fast
  • Project: Cleaning, Exterior, Floor & Paving, Interior
  • Available-sizes: 1L, 25L, 5L
  • Guarantee: N/A
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Features & benefits

  • Effectively removes cement, mortar, and stains

Product information

  • Type: Cleaner
  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Colours: Light green (pine)
  • Tint Bases: N/A
  • Solid Approx.: 1% (typical)
  • S G at 23 °C: 1.00 (typical)
  • Flash point: >100°C
  • Theoretical spreading rate:
  • Practical spreading rate: The practical spreading rate will vary depending on the porosity and profile of the substrate, as well as the application technique and tools used, all surfaces must be completely dry

Application details

  • Mixing: Apply either neat or diluted by spray or brush
  • Method: Spray, brush, soft cloth
  • Thinning: Apply either neat or diluted
  • Cleaning: Water
  • Drying time:
  • Recoating time:
  • Application: Test first to establish correct application for job

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