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Stevensons Industrial DCC Durachem Epoxy

Short description

Abrasion resistant high performance floor paint for use in factories, warehouses, workshops, schools, laboratories, garages and hospitals, which require frequent cleaning with solvents, detergents or alkaline cleaners. It can be applied on most surfaces including cement, concrete, metal and tiles. It provides high gloss and resistance to all forms of corrosion resulting from chemicals, solvents, fats and oils.

Intended Uses

For application to new and old cement floors. It can be applied on most surfaces including cement, concrete, metal and tiles.


  • Type: Floor Coating
  • Ranges: Industrial Range, Stevensons
  • Project: Floor & Paving, Industrial, Interior
  • Available-sizes: 5L
  • Guarantee: N/A
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Features & benefits

  • Premium quality, high builds epoxy, ultra-tough
  • Scratch and stain resistant
  • High opacity
  • Smooth gloss finish
  • Excellent hardness and durability
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Durable
  • Fully washable
  • Interior

Product information

  • Type: 2 Pack Epoxy System
  • Appearance: High Gloss
  • Colours: White, Clearcoat, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Stone Henge
  • Solid Approx.: 68% by mass and 40% by volume
  • S G at 23 °C: Approx.: 1,13
  • Flash point: Non-flammable
  • Theoretical spreading rate: 8-12m²/ℓ per coat
  • Practical spreading rate: The practical spreading rate will vary depending on the porosity and profile of the substrate, as well as the application technique and tools used, all surfaces must be completely dry

Application details

  • Mixing: Stir thoroughly with a flat paddle
  • Method: Brush or spray
  • Thinning: Not recommended
  • Cleaning: HD Thinners
  • Drying time: 8-12 Hours
  • Recoating time: 24-48 Hours
  • Application: Apply one to two coats

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