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Ultrabak Polyurethane Bakkie-Liner Spray-on

Short description

A non-slip polyurethane protective coating formulated to provide the ultimate durability, to protect different substrates from scuff, climate, weathering, rust, water, solvents and various chemicals. This hard-wearing multipurpose, non-slip polyurethane coating can be used in the automotive industry e.g. on trailers, bakkies, off-road vehicles and trucks, for the protection of load-beds and underbody. It can also be applied to create non-slip finish for footpaths, stairways and ramps.

Intended Uses

Perfect for the automotive industry e.g. on trailers, bakkies, off-road vehicles and trucks. Underbody & stone chip protection for trailers, bakkies, trucks etc. Tough rust preventive coating with textured anti-slip finish. Create non-slip footpaths, stairways and ramps. Create non-slip for various floor areas. Provides non-slip for areas surrounded by water.


  • Type: Metal Coating
  • Ranges: Fast
  • Project: Bakkie & Trailer
  • Available-sizes: 1L
  • Guarantee: N/A
  • Share:

Features & benefits

  • Hardwearing polyurethane performance
  • Protects the underbody of vehicles from stone chips
  • Easy to apply and fast drying
  • Offers very good resistance to abrasion, impact, and stone chipping
  • Anti-corrosive, prevents rust
  • Water resistant
  • Weather resistant

Product information

  • Type: Moisture Curing Polyurethane
  • Appearance: Low Sheen
  • Colours: Black
  • Tint Bases: N/A
  • Solid Approx.: 67% by volume
  • S G at 23 °C: Approx.: 1,05
  • Flash point: >25°C
  • Theoretical spreading rate: 4 - 6m²/ℓ per coat
  • Practical spreading rate: The practical spreading rate will vary depending on the porosity and profile of the substrate, as well as the application technique and tools used, all surfaces must be completely dry

Application details

  • Mixing: Stir thoroughly with a flat paddle
  • Method: Spray
  • Thinning: Not recommended - ready for use
  • Cleaning: Uncured: Can be cleaned with Xylene
  • Drying time:
  • Recoating time:
  • Application: Apply a minimum of two coats

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